Registered version

After making a donation you are be able to use some extra features of AVCHDCoder:

  • Choose a sound for your introvideo.
  • Change the visibility of the background from 0-100%.
  • Choose a different menu. (For now 2 menu's are available without a weblink.)
  • LPCM to DTS encoding (Surcode DVD DTS required, commercial software)
  • Extend the Tools menu with your own items. You can add folders and/or applications so you can add all your needs into 1 application.

To keep development active, please consider a donation. Just make a donation with any amount and I'll send you a serial number to unlock all features of AVCHDCoder. In the future there will be more small features for people who made a donation. Thanx for your support !

To unlock AVCHDCoder go to Help --> Enter Serial number. Then enter the email adress and serial key you received.

How to use custom intro sounds?

AVCHDCoder comes with 2 intro sounds but you are be able to add more sounds yourself. Currently there is no checks if your intro sounds has the correct length. Make sure it is an Dolby Digital ac3 sound and that the duration is about 20 seconds. You can add the custom intro sounds in the following folder:

Windows Vista / Windows 7: C:\Users\<Username>\AVCHDCoder\Sounds
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\AVCHDCoder\Sounds

In the intro editor you go to the second tab named "Intro - Audio" and click on "Rescan". Your custom audio should appear.

You can only use an intro sound if you choose a Custom intro or Custom intro + playlist.

How to use alternative menus?

AVCHDCoder by default only comes with 1 menu. There is 1 alternative menu available without the website link in the menu. In the future I'll add some more menu's. Send me an email to request the menu. After you downloaded the menu pack place the exe file in:

Windows Vista / Windows 7: C:\Users\<Username>\AVCHDCoder\Menus
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\AVCHDCoder\Menus

Now double click on the exe file and hit OK to unpack. Now you can delete the exe file. In the intro editor you can now see the new menu under the tab "Menu".

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