I want to thank all people who made a donation and I want to thank all people that are using my software. Feel free to make a donation, I will appreciate any amount. Please avoid a 2 euro donation or less because paypal earns the most money on small donations. Click on the donate button on the left to make a donation. Thanx !

For AVCHDCoder you will receive a serial number to unlock some extra features. More information about the registered version of AVCHDCoder.

When do I receive my Serial number?

I have to process each donation manually, so be patient. You usually receive the serial number within 48 hours.

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A couple of times people asked me if there is another way to make a donation. Moneybookers looks like a nice alternative, so I give it a try. If you do want to make a donation trough moneybookers use the following information:

Recipient: Twan Wintjes


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