Fixed - Add borders sometimes resulted in wrong values which resulted in conversion error
Fixed - Sometimes AAC audio resulted in an error while converting while AAC audio was ok.
Fixed - In some cases AVCHDCoder hangs at encoding due to a bug in the bitrate calculator
Fixed - Sometimes progressive or interlaced video was not correctly detected
Fixed - TrueHD Core to lower AC3 quality resulted in conversion error
Fixed - Numerous fixes involving Dolby TrueHD / AC3 Core / MKV
Fixed - In some cases the Settings Dialog didn't open anymore
Added - Support for UHD/4K input files
Added - Support for HEVC/H265 input files
Added - Support for Dolby Digital Plus 384 kbps and 640 kbps
Added - Support for progressive to interlaced encoding (for example 1080p25 to 1080i50)
Added - Support for Dolby Atmos
Added - All blu-ray stream languages (ISO639-2) +- 500 languages.
Added - Support for external audio streams (beta)
Updated - MediaInfo to 0.7.80
Updated - eac3to to 3.31
Updated - x264 to r2638
Updated - tsMuxeR to 2.6.12
Changed - removed installers for ffdshow, avisynth and haali from installer, changed it to links to the latest versions on my website
Changed - prefferd decoders are now LAVFilters, although ffshow also still works.

Fixed - DTS-HD to DTS Core in MKV: core won't be extracted so you get an oversized disc
Fixed - Small bugs in Intro Editor and the movie search dialog.
Improved - Startup time of AVCHDCoder, first time you click 'Open BDMV Folder' can still take a while (different on each system configuration).
Improved - Intro editor should be easier to use and consumes less bandwidth while browsing pictures.
Improved - Greatly improved bitrate calculation so discs won't oversize/undersize much anymore when a DTS-HD MA / Dolby True-HD track is chosen.
Improved - Logging
Improved - Dialogs are now opening nicely in the same screen in case of multi monitor setup.
Improved - Handling launched process didn't work very well. Different approach via JNA should greatly improve pause, resume and kill.
Added - More DTS formats are supported in Untouced mode.
Added - E-AC3 DD+ 1536 kbps support
Added - Edius 'Canopus HQ' Avi support
Replaced - replaced mkvtoolnix with eac3to for extracting mkv files. Ogg is still done with MKV Extract.
Required - Java 1.7+
Updated - mkvtoolnix to 6.9.1
Updated - MKVExtractGUI to
Updated - eac3to to 3.27
Updated - x264 to r2334
Removed - Unused tools

Fixed - Another possible bug related creating an iso file.
Fixed - Searching movie information with Switched to v3 of API.
Updated - ImgBurn to

Fixed - Building iso hangs in AVCHDCoder and no iso is being build because of a change in recent JRE
Improved - ImgBurn src list file was not in UTF-8 while it should be.
Updated - ImgBurn to

Fixed - There were still some bugs in the Blu-ray input module. Many seamless branched disc resulted in an error while demuxing. Now all possible eac3to output information is supported by AVCHDCoder.
Preparation - Preparing AVCHDCoder for a major technical improvement like: Better logging, better progress information, better process handling, error handling and converting all AVCHDCoder features into reusable modules. This way I can add even more features in the future like: seperate audio conversion tooling, mkv tooling etc. The first result of this improvement will be improved blu-ray support (mpls playlists that are shorter than 15 minutes currently are not shown)

Fixed - Introeditor doesn't work anymore since 2011-12-09.
Fixed - True-HD audio Untouched doesn't work correctly in BDMV mode. You get an ac3 instead of True-HD. It works ok in single file mode.
Fixed - If you enter a BDMV folder and the playlist name contains '(angle x)' language detection doesn't work and conversion may fail (for example many playlists in the Star Wars discs)
Fixed - If a blu-ray playlist doesn't contain a chapters line (for example a playlist in the Star Wars discs) conversion fails because some track id's are off by one.
Changed - Previously it was possible to convert an ac3 to the same bitrate. Now those targets are removed from the 'Audio target' list in the 'Select Streams' tab.
Fixed - Target resolution could be selected when Remux mode is actived. Doesn't affect conversion itself. Now target resolution greys out.
Added - Select ImgBurn delivered with AVCHDCoder or enter the path to an external ImgBurn.exe. Internal or External.
Updated - ImgBurn to
Updated - x264.exe 32 bit and 64 bit to r2120

Fixed - If you have a regged version, added some items to the Tools section and you update java to a new versio you will get an error. If you already got this error, delete the settings file else this update will prevent you getting the error. New settingsfile is saved automatically so you don't need to do it yourself.
Fixed - In some cases you get an error if you are using alternative menu's.
Possible Fix - When DTS 768/755 is the source and you select Untouched, the target can get slightly to big.
Added - New 3rd disc output option. Now you can add an intro without a menu. Previously only Menu/Intro and No Menu/No Intro.
Added - A new simple menu. A blu-ray style background. Max 1 item. (Registration required)
Updated - x264.exe 32 bit and 64 bit to r2044
Updated - ffdshow x86 and x64 to rev3925

Fixed - A terrible error popped up after the latest release.

Fixed - If your source is a Blu-ray/BDMV and your target is an encode you get a Encoding error. Remux mode works OK.
Fixed - Sometimes the output iso is 1 MB to big. Added a 2 MB extra margin for DVD5 and DVD9 to prevent oversizing.
Changed - Installer is now 35% smaller. Now there is only support for 8 items on a disc (removed the other 24). This means the installation itself is also 375MB smaller. If you need more items you can download the menu pack to get support back for 32 items on 1 disc.

Added - Remux mode for VC-1 and MPEG2 stream. H264 was already possible
Added - LPCM to DTS encoding for M2TS and BDMV mode. Surcode DVD DTS is required (Commercial software) and a registrered version of AVCHDCoder is required.
Added - Add your own items to the Tools list. You can add files and folders to the list. A registrered version of AVCHDCoder is required.
Fixed/Changed - Seamless Branched Blu-ray discs caused  sync problems or errors while demuxing. I replaced tsMuxer with Eac3to for demuxing.
Fixed - Force subtitles track #1 can now be disabled in the settings (finally)
Fixed - On Windows Server editions no iso was created with ImgBurn because of a pipe | problem. Changed it to SRCLIST and now it should be fixed.
Changed - Settings file upgraded to another version (all current settings are lost).
Changed - AVCHDCoder Project Files (Saved jobs) changed to another version. Previous saved Project Files are not compatible with the new system.
Changed - Audioconversion with eac3to will now show the actual progress (percentage) instead of a looping progress bar.
Changed - Some other minor cosmetic changes
Updated - ImgBurn to
Updated - x264.exe 32 bit and 64 bit to r1947
Updated - ffdshow x86 and x64 to rev3760
Updated - eac3to to 3.24

Added - Support for LPCM13824Kbps, LPCM6912Kbps, LPCM2304Kbps, LPCM1536Kbps and DTS-HD HR 2073Kbps
Added - Untouched for all LPCM and True-HD streams.
Added - Around 500 new formulas, AVCHDCoder now supports over 2000 audio combinations.
Fixed - If you search for a movie with the "Search Movie" feature and the title contains a $ sign then AVCHDCoder freezes after hitting the "Use selected movie" button
Fixed - Converting WMV with dbPoweramp R14 resulted in an error. R13 worked fine.
Fixed - MKV remux mode resulted in an error.
Updated - ImgBurn to

Fixed - 1080p to 720p conversions are streched.

Fixed - Converting srt/ssa on Normal Quality failed. Now it is fixed and you can convert them again.

Fixed - Multiple bugs in the Movie Search screen. Searching movies works a lot better now.
Fixed - 1080p25 was visible at the Advanced Tab by accident. It is now removed because it is an invalid format.
Fixed - Broken subtitles if: Source is a Seamlessly Branched Blu-ray Disc and you added a srt or ass with HQ Subs enabled.
Fixed - In some cases a pgs subtitles slowly goes out of sync.
Fixed - Sometimes BDSup2Sub creates bad output. This only applies if the PGS sup file was from a Blu-ray disc. AVCHDCoder converted them unnecessary. The result was that the output duration extended with a couple hours. This problem is still there if you resize a BluRay to 720p, only in a small number of cases. (Earth, 9th Company)
Added - A brand new Update mechanism. It's the Advanced Installers update feature. Now you can automatically download new updates.
Added - I rented a new virtual server to serve new updates.
Added - You can now save the log to a file. Open up the Log panel under Tools to save a log file.
Added - A videocropper for Standard Definition material.
Added - beta AVI support.
Updated - Calculating the addBorders method for SD metarial is improved.
Updated - ImgBurn to


Updated - Encoding profiles updated, they were outdated and now they are more Blu-ray/AVCHD compliant. Also reduces encoding time with 5-15% on all profiles/speeds.
Added - Video remux mode. Only available in some cases.
Added - Second menu pack (For registered users only)
Added - An 'Advanced' option when you choose the output resolution in the 'select streams' tab. You can choose output resolution/framerate and avisynth behaviour for the selection.
Added - Import and Export the settings (currently not the Subtitles presets)
Fixed - When you add a whitespace at the end of a title in the output tab will result in errors while converting.
Fixed - Frame doubling caused the output to run too fast. (This is used in camcorders)
Fixed - Unknown subtitles streams are visible in the Streams tab. Selecting them will result in an error.
Fixed - If source duration is too long and you selected LPCM audio it will result in an error.
Fixed - If your source is Blu-ray and you selected a playlist that contains multiple items (SBD) the duration in the Streams tab is wrong.
Possible fix - Sometimes the disc created is a little bit too big. (about 5MB) X264 causes the problem.
Upgraded - Select Streams tab: translation, audio delay is now added and a small change in appearance.
Upgraded - You can now select by default more streams. Previous version only 1 default stream could be selected.
Changed - HQ subtitles conversion is now in full frame mode. (Takes more time but is more reliable)
Changed - Settings will now be saved in a file instead of the windows registry. This upgrade will not lose any settings. The settings from the registry will be converted.
Changed - Settings are now split into 3 new settings windows: Settings, Preset editor and ffdshow.
Changed - Behaviour of the 'Search movie' panel is changed.
Changed - Behaviour of the Settings panel is changed.
Changed - The help section for selecting the number of threads is changed. It wasn't clear for people on how to use it.
Updated - x264.exe to r1683
Updated - ffdshow x86 to r3517 and x64 to r3507

Added - After adding a disc to the queue a project file will be saved. If you reboot your pc or something else happens you can easily open the saved project file.
Fixed - Borders were added if source was 1440x1080 16:9
Fixed - Audio and or subtitles errors if source was .m2ts/.mts/.ts or .mp4
Fixed - If source has subs and or audio with a negative delay and you were converting in 64 bit mode you did get a encoding error. For now it will switch to 32 bit encoding so it doesn't fail.
Fixed - Entering serialnumbers didn't always work correctly.
Fixed - Double clicking on a .acp file (AVCHDCoder Project File) while AVCHDCoder wasn't running yet resulted that the .acp file wasn't added to the queue.
Fixed - It was possible to add the same acp file multiple times to AVCHDCoder. Now this is impossible. (Old .acp files can still be added multiple times if you don't resave the queue)


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