Installation for Windows

Run AVCHDCalculator 1.2 Setup.msi to install AVCHDCalculator.

Installation for Linux

I only tested it on Ubuntu. Just unpack the zip and run AVCHDCalculator.jar.

AVCHDCalculator will run on Ubuntu with OpenJDK but the Graphical User Interface is not what it supposed to be. After you installed Sun Java 6 you are be able to run it with Sun´s Java.

To install Sun Java 1.6 on Ubuntu open the Terminal and enter:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre

Enter your password and continue the installation. After installation you should be able to open AVCHDCalculator.jar with Sun Java 6 Runtime.

Installation for Mac OS X Leopard+

Just unpack the zip and drag AVCHDCoder into the Applications folder.

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