Future features

Here I will collect a list of features that will be added in the future of AVCHDCoder. Don't expect all features are added in a short period of time. I will try to add a couple of features for each release.

  • Custom Blu-ray menu's
  • Convert LPCM to DTS for MKV files. Surcode DVD DTS required (Commercial software)
  • Skip video encoding for VC1 and MPEG2 a.k.a. "Remux mode" - Added in v11.05.07
  • Use a audiostream multiple times. For example: There is only DTS available in your source and you want to keep the DTS but also want to create a AC3 of it.
  • Split input file before adding it to disc. This allows you to split 1 input file over 2 discs.
  • Be able to use True-HD as output. - Added in v11.01.07
  • Be able to use LPCM as output. - Added in v11.01.07
  • Skip video encoding for H264 a.k.a. "Remux mode" - Added in v10.08.08
  • Add External Audio

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