Supported players

You can download a testdisc to confirm if a specific player supports AVCHD.

Discs created with AVCHDCoder should work on the following blu-ray players:
Denon DVD-A1UD
JVC NX BD3 (Confirmed)
LG BD300 (Confirmed)
LG BD350 (Confirmed by me)
LG BD370
LG BD390
LG BD550C (Confirmed)
LG BD660 (Confirmed by me)
LG BD670 (Confirmed by AVCHDCoder user)
Olevia BD-110
Oppo BDP-80 (Confirmed by AVCHDCoder user)
Oppo BDP-83
Panasonic DMP-BD10
Panasonic DMP-BD30
Panasonic DMP-BD35
Panasonic DMP-BD50
Panasonic DMP-BD55
Panasonic DMP-BD60 (Confirmed by me)
Panasonic DMP-BD80
Philips BDP5100 (Confirmed by me)
Pioneer BDP-05FD
Pioneer BDP-320
Pioneer BDP-51FD
Pioneer BDP-LX70A
Pioneer BDP-LX71
Pioneer BDP-LX80
Pioneer BDP-LX91
Pioneer BDP-94HD
Pioneer BDP-95FD
Samsung BD-C5500 (Confirmed by AVCHDCoder user)
Samsung BD-D6500 (Confirmed by AVCHDCoder user)
Samsung BD-P1400 *1
Samsung BD-P1500 *1 (Confirmed by me)
Samsung BD-P1590 *1
Samsung BD-P1600 *1 (Confirmed by AVCHDCoder user)
Samsung BD-P2500 *1
Samsung BD-P2550 *1
Samsung BD-P3600 *1
Samsung BD-P4600 *1
Samsung BD-P4610 *1
Sherwood BDP-5003
Sony BDP-S1
Sony BDP-S300 (Confirmed)
Sony BDP-S301
Sony BDP-S350 (Confirmed)
Sony BDP-S360
Sony BDP-S370 (Confirmed by AVCHDCoder user)
Sony BDP-N460
Sony BDP-S500 (Confirmed)       
Sony BDP-S550 (Confirmed)
Sony Playstation 3 (Confirmed)
Toshiba BDX1100KE (Confirmed by me)

*1 = When you have firmware version 2.09 it is possible that you are not be able to play AVCHD's. Hopefully this will be fixed in later firmwares. Previous firmware's should be able to play AVCHD's. You may have subtitles issues when you have firmware version 1.02 installed. These problems have been confirmed on the Samsung BD-P1600 with firmware version 1.02 and 2.09.   

Discs created with AVCHDCoder should work on the following mediaplayers including menu's and subtitles:
Dune HD Max
Dune BD Prime 3.0 (Confirmed by me)
TViX HD M-6500A (Confirmed by AVCHDCoder user) - Alternative firmware required

Discs created with AVCHDCoder should work on the following software players:
Nero Showtime 4 (Confirmed by me)
Nero MediaHub (Confirmed by me)
Nero Kwik Media (Confirmed by me) - MediaHub is the old player and is replaced by Kwik Media
Arcsoft Total Media Theatre 3.0.120 (Confirmed by me)
PowerDVD 7.3.3319
PowerDVD 7.3.5105
PowerDVD 8.0.2815
PowerDVD 9.0.1531

List is based on If confirmed is listed after the player type me or a user of AVCHDCoder tested the specific model. The information can be outdated because manufacturers are updating their players with new firmware versions that could break compatibility with AVCHD discs.

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