Known Bugs

Bugs can now reported on the bugtracker.

Description Apeared in version Fixed in version
MKV files with Header Stripping causes trouble all versions working on it
Introeditor doesn't work anymore since a couple of days (noticed 2011-12-09) 11.05.07 11.12.17
Some Blu-ray discs result into an error while demuxing. For example the new Star Wars discs. 11.05.07 11.12.17
True-HD audio Untouched doesn't work in BDMV mode. It works ok in single file mode. 11.01.07 11.12.17
If your source is a Blu-ray/BDMV and your target is an encode you get a Encoding error. Remux mode works OK. 11.05.07 11.05.22
If you search for a movie with the Search Movie feature and the title contains a $ sign then AVCHDCoder freezes after hitting the Use selected movie button. all versions 11.01.07
dbPoweramp R14 causes the wmv feature to fail at converting audio. R13 works ok. all versions 11.01.07
MKV remux mode results in an error 10.08.08 11.01.07
Normal Quality Subtitles conversion doesn't work. 10.09.12 10.09.13
By accident the 1080p25 option appears as an target setting. Do not use it because it is an invalid format for AVCHD/Blu-Ray 10.08.08 10.09.12
Broken subtitles if: Source is a Seamlessly Branched Blu-ray Disc and you added a srt or ass with HQ Subs enabled. unknown 10.09.12
Error reading file after opening a file due to a bugged installer. New installer is available. Uninstall bugged version first. 10.08.08 new installer of 10.08.08
When the title in the output panel ends with a space and your output type is a folder then the output folder after conversion will be empty. all versions 10.08.08
Video goes twice as fast as the audio. Mostly happen with Camcorders. all versions 10.08.08
Unknown audio streams are visible in the Streams tab. Selecting them will result in an error 10.05.11 10.08.08
If source duration is too long and you selected LPCM audio it will result in an error unknown 10.08.08
If your source is Blu-ray and you selected a playlist that contains multiple items the duration in the Streams tab is wrong 10.05.11 10.08.08
Some Blu-ray's cannot be converted because the playlist with m2ts files is too long. The total length (in characters) of the extracted file will get larger than what NTFS supports. You get an error while extracting. Only applies on BDMV folder input with specific files. all versions previous to 11.05.07 11.05.07
Suddenly the audio gets out of sync. Mostly DVB-S streams. The problem is that the source is "corrupt". all versions  
In some rare cases the subtitles will appear in the center of the screen. With HQ subs only. LQ subs don't have this problem. Looks like a hardware related problem. 10.02.01  
Sometimes the disc created is a little bit too big. (about 5MB) X264 causes the problem. 10.05.11 10.08.08


Errorcode 0x401/0x402

Read the "Installation Guide". Updating FFDshow hopefully will fix it.

AVCHDCoder fails to open and/or convert files with specific languages

Everything fails when characters from one of the languages listed below are present in the process of AVCHDCoder:
(List not complete)
The solution:

  • Rename your source file to western friendly characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9)
  • Move the source file to a folder that is western friendly
  • (Re)install AVCHDCoder to the root of your harddrive ("C:\AVCHDCoder\" for example)
  • Change the Temp and Output folder to the root of your harddrive ("C:\AVCHDCoder Files\Temp" and "C:\AVCHDCoder Files\Output" for example)
  • Avoid any paths and filenames with non western friendly characters

A solution is not found yet. Doesn't affect the text inside srt files.

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